New in Førde

Are you new in Førde? Here you can find information about schools, health service, work opportunities and other important information as a citizen in Førde kommune. 

How to contact Førde kommune

  • Visiting address: Hafstadvegen 42, Førde rådhus, Servicetorget
  • Postal address: Førde kommune, Postboks 338, 6802 Førde
  • Telephone: (+47) 57 72 20 00
  • Telefax: (+47) 57 82 38 76
  • E-mail:
  • You can also reach us by chat.

Opening hours

Weekdays 08:00–15:15 


At Servicetorget you have access to a range of public services under one roof, from child care to information about building and renovation.

Find nursery schools, schools and doctor's offices

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Contact Servicetorget for information about Førde

Telefon : 57 72 20 00